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Zone Plate Generator

Zone Plate Image Generator
radius = sqrt(wavelength * focallength * ring)
Wavelength  nm Wavelength in nanometers - 550 is good for photography
Focal Length
Distance from the film to the zone plate
Rings  Number of rings you want, 8 is a good value
Border Color  Black
This is usually black
Opacity  Digital
Digital rings alternate between opaque and transparent
Sinusoidal rings transition smoothly
Scale  X Scale factor: 1 for film output
or set to a multiplier for printing

Wikipedia entry for zone plate

Use the calculator to generate a zone plate and save the file on your computer

Option 1: Use a photo editor to invert the image (black to white) and save in a lab friendly file type(tiff). Print the image directly to film. Some photographic labs provide this service.

Option 2: Scale the zone plate by entering a multiplier for the scale value, save and print the zoneplate, then take a picture of the print. Multiply the factor the image was scaled up by the focal length of the camera lens. For example, scale up a zone plate up by a factor of 400 in a photo editor and print it. Then, for a camera with a 70mm lens attached, place the print in front of the camera at a distance of 400 X 70mm = 2800mm.

Option 3:
Print the zone plate on a transparency using a laser printer.